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intros Medical Laser Dermatologie

Lasers have become an indispensable part of modern dermatology practices. In addition to the treatment of pigmentation-related and vascular skin changes, lasers are also used for surgical and ablation procedures. A further key application of lasers in dermatology is aesthetic treatments such as the removal of scars, wrinkles and hair, as well as anti-ageing therapies with fractional systems and tattoo removal.

Applications: Telangiectasias, haemangiomata, spider angiomata, warts, fibromata, lentigo, tattoos, onychomycosis, epilation, wrinkles, scares, skin rejuvenation.

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intros Medical Laser HNO-Medizin

In otolaryngology, lasers are mainly used for precise and minimally invasive surgical procedures. The selective tissue ablation of the various types of lasers also enables vascular and pigmentation-related skin changes to be effectively and safely treated. Even with tissues that are highly susceptible to bleeding such as tonsils, polyps and haemangiomata, our lasers enable gentle, haemorrhage-free procedures.

Applications: Hyperplasia of the nasal concha, tonsillectomies, tonsillotomies, LAUP, tumour surgery, telangiectasias, haemangiomata, keratosis

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intros Medical Laser Zahnmedizin

In dental medicine, lasers are excellently suited to cleaning and sterilisation in periodontology, for root treatments, and for soft tissue surgery. The tissue ablation and anti-bacterial properties of the laser light are utilised here. Other positive effects include accelerated healing, less painful and more pleasant treatment, generally no swelling, reduced risk of infection, reduced risk of infection, less need for analgesics.

Applications: Endodontia, periodontitis, exposure of implants, desensitisation, oral ulcers, herpes, lingual and labial frenula, gingivectomies, bleaching, aPDT, coagulation

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intros Medical Laser Chirurgie

In surgery, lasers are mainly used for precise surgical and minimally invasive procedures, often representing the better alternative to traditional methods. Operation with low bleeding, simultaneous disinfection of the wound, reduced risk of infection, accelerated healing, few side effects, less post-operative pain, reduced risk of scarring and excellent cosmetic results are just some of the positive aspects of laser surgery.

Applications: Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA), laser lipolysis, tumour surgery, pilonidal cysts, general surgery

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intros Medical Laser Gynäkologie

The use of lasers is widely established in modern gynaecology thanks to very good clinical results. Due to the selective nature of the effect they have on tissues, lasers are suitable for precise surgical, plastic and ablation procedures on the cervix and vagina. The benefits of laser treatment are no or minimal pain, operation with low bleeding, simultaneous disinfection of the wound, reduced risk of infection, accelerated healing, reduced risk of scarring.

Applications: Polyps, myomata, condylomata, warts, cysts, carcinomata, conisation, vaginoplasties, hysteroscopies

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intros Medical Laser Veterinär-Medizin

Our diode lasers offer veterinary practitioners a wide range of possible applications. They enable not only the performance of precise surgical procedures but also a wide variety of therapeutic applications. The excellent handling combined with a large selection of applicators enables safe and precise procedures with minimal tissue damage and maximum flexibility and mobility. Among the advantages of laser treatment are operations with low bleeding, disinfection of the wound, reduced risk of infection, accelerated healing, biostimulation.

Applications: Dental surgery, tumour surgery, pain relief, wound healing, chronically degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system, laser acupuncture, endoscopies

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