Laser lipolysis – the minimally invasive method for facial and body contouring

Tightening through stimulation: Laser lipolysis is a new and highly effective procedure for fat reduction. The skin is tightened by stimulating collagen production and excess fat is reduced – both in superficial and deep skin layers. The low-damage and minimally invasive method used in laser lipolysis shows immediately visible and lasting results. Using state-of-the-art intros devices, such as the dios:1470, and combined with innovative laser fibers, skin rejuvenation and facial contouring can be perfectly combined – for radiantly beautiful results.

Laser Lipolysis

Technology and mode of operation

In laser lipolysis, a small cannula equipped with a thin laser fiber is inserted into the area to be treated. The generated heat melts away fat cells and at the same time stimulates collagen production and other metabolic processes in the extracellular matrix. Surrounding connective tissue septa are tightened and the surface of the skin is permanently smoothed. The excess fat is excreted by the body or in the case of larger accumulations it may be suctioned out via small cannulas.


Unlike procedures such as surgical lifting, laser lipolysis causes minimal damage to the skin. The results are immediately visible.


Minimally invasive treatment
Protection of the surrounding tissue
Outpatient treatment
No cuts
No general anaesthetic required
Immediately visible results
Lasting method with long-term effect


Laser lipolysis is mostly used on the face, chin, neck, arms and bags under the eyes.

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