Laser Service

Laser service at intros? All inclusive!

Best service is our top priority: Be it laser repairs, laser maintenance or our 48-hour replacement service for technical defects – we are there when you need us! And the best thing is: with the intros all inclusive solutions, you can buy, lease or rent your device immediately at the best conditions and receive all-round technical service for the entire runtime.

Technical service and support

Laser repair, laser maintenance, laser safety checks and more

The proper functioning of your laser requires regular safety testing (laser safety checks) and recurring laser maintenance. To ensure that your product remains properly functional at all times, we maintain and check it at regular intervals. Our technicians can advise you on all matters and they will ensure the longevity of your devices so that you can enjoy your systems for a long time.

The inspection of medical lasers pursuant to OStrV (German employment protection regulation against optical radiation), TROS (Technical rules regarding the OStrV) and DGUV 11 (German Social Accident Insurance regulation 11) as well as laser safety checks pursuant to sec. 11 and maintenance pursuant to sec. 7 MPBetreibV (German medical device directive) include the following device-specific maintenance and servicing measures according to the manufacturer's specifications:

  • Internal and external visual inspection
  • Electrical testing pursuant to the standard DIN VDE 0751 / EN 62353
  • Testing safety mechanisms and protective equipment
  • Inspecting the labelling of laser areas
  • Measuring, and if necessary recalibrating, the laser power
  • Refilling liquids, if necessary
  • Software updates, if necessary
  • Logging measured values and documenting tests in the medical device logbook

Laser safety checks and laser registration

Everything under control with intros

In January 2021, it became mandatory to register with the authorities all devices that produce non-ionising radiation (including, for example lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL)) and that are used for cosmetic and other non-medical purposes on humans. We support you during the process and ensure the long-term perfect functioning of devices by conducting laser safety checks.

Together with our partners, we take care of the registration of your intros Laser with the competent authority. We also offer the mandatory regular safety testing of your laser (laser safety check). During these tests, your laser is thoroughly checked by our trained staff and examined for safety-related faults – so that you always have everything under control and your device always remains in top technical shape.

The best service for the best reputation

If you want to expand the portfolio of your practice, you need both the appropriate devices and also comprehensive advice and education. Intros gives you both! Discover the comprehensive intros laser service and secure your therapeutic success – for satisfied patients and the best reputation.

intros Laser Service

Benefits at a glance

  • Safety inspections and electrical testing (laser safety checks) pursuant to the latest standards DIN VDE 0751 and EN 62353
  • Maintenance according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Registration of the laser with authorities
  • Professional technical support
  • Fast response times
  • State-of-the-art metrology
  • Logging and documentation of the on-site checks
  • Automatic reminder of maintenance dates (e.g., laser protection officer with OStrV (German employment protection regulation against optical radiation), TROS (Technical Rules regarding the OStrV), DGUV 11 (German Social Accident Insurance regulation 11) and NiSV (German ordinance on non-ionising radiation) technical qualification)

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