Versatile and effective – dios:blue

The all-rounder for treating superficial vessels and problematic pigments and for acne therapy.

From treating telangiectasia, couperose or haemangiomas to the removal of unsightly pigment changes – with the dios:blue from intros, doctors achieve excellent and outstanding results and patients benefit from a gentle and low-pain treatment! With freely selectable spot sizes from 0.6 to 4 mm, you will always work as efficiently as the treatment allows. Your benefit: The dios:blue is suitable for various dermatological applications and has an excellent price-performance ratio. If desired, there are further options of extended warranty periods and personalised support.


Effective and safe treatments
Excellent cosmetic results
Low maintenance costs
Fast return on investment
Optional: up to 5 years warranty incl. premium service with replacement device

For excellent cosmetic results

Lasers such as the dios:blue diode laser from intros offer entirely new possibilities in the treatment of vascular and pigmented skin changes with powerful blue laser light. The thermal stress on the tissue is reduced to a minimum with this type of device, allowing rapid healing.


Treatment of superficial vessels
Removal of pigment changes
Treatment of inflammatory acne

Technical Highlights

Powerful laser light (blue, 10 watts)
Low thermal stress on tissue
Excellent absorption in haemoglobin
Excellent absorption in melanin
Non-contact procedure Freely selectable spot size from 0.6 to 4 mm

dios:blue – the top laser in dermatology

When it comes to treating vascular skin changes and pigment changes, the dios:blue is the best choice for professional and satisfying results. Thanks to minimal thermal stress, it is especially gentle and causes minimal damage. The healing process is usually faster and with fewer complications after using the dios:blue than after other procedures.

For every product the right extra!

From devices for skin cooling and relaxation to protective laser goggles and transport cases or equipment trolleys - discover our practical accessories too!

intros impressed us! The availability of support is super, the lasers work wonderfully, we have great results and patient satisfaction is very high. We would 100% recommend intros. (Dermatology practice “Die Dermapraxis”)

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