Safe and precise – dios:blue

For the best level of low-pain surgical laser treatment

The dios:blue ENT diode laser from intros lets you treat polyps, cysts, tumours and tonsils precisely and with little pain. Thanks to low thermal tissue stress, this surgical laser is considered especially gentle. The dios:blue works with powerful blue laser light (10 watts) and serves a wide range of applications in laser surgery – all at an excellent price-performance ratio and you can also choose to include product consulting services and extensive customer support.


Surgery with little bleeding and few side effects
Precise procedures with optimal preservation of tissue
Low thermal stress and low postoperative pain
Short recovery time and high acceptance among patients
Fast return on investment due to wide range of applications

Provide effective treatment with medical diode lasers

The wavelength of our laser devices and the corresponding light absorption determines which tissue layers are reached. Medical diode lasers from intros work with wavelengths between 450 and 980 nm. At a wavelength of 450 nm, the dios:blue is ideally suited for ENT applications and ensures the treatment can be carried out as gently as possible. Compared to other procedures healing is faster with this laser.


Tonsillotomy with minimal bleeding and side effects

Technical Highlights

Battery-powered for maximum mobility
Very light and transportable in the equipment case
Easy operation thanks to presets
Ergonomic and functional thanks to handpiece holder and fiber winder


dios:blue because...

The new compact dios:blue stands for maximum mobility and ease of use with an attractive design. Powerful 10 watts of blue laser light offers entirely new possibilities in ENT laser treatment. The thermal stress on the tissue is reduced to a minimum, allowing rapid healing. Due to its excellent price-performance ratio and the many possible applications, the purchase of this surgical laser will quickly pay for itself. You will be impressed by the quality, the workmanship and the excellent handling!

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