Laser treatment of couperose, telangiectasia or spider veins – through targeted closure of vessels

Modern diode lasers are particularly suitable for vascular treatments. Thanks to the deep penetration depth, deeper-lying vessels as well as superficial vessels in the face, such as spider veins, can be lasered – reliably, safely, specifically and with little pain. The surrounding tissue is not damaged in the process. Doctors use the lina:60i for the treatment of deeper vessels while the dios:blue diode laser is recommended for superficial vascular treatments.

Vascular treatments with diode lasers

Reliably close targeted vessels

The target of laser radiation is the red blood cell pigment haemoglobin in the blood vessel. The laser light penetrates the skin without damaging it. Heating the haemoglobin pigment causes denaturation of the vessel wall and the vessel closes. In this way problematic changes can be permanently eliminated. Diode lasers can be used to treat telangiectasia, haemangiomas, port-wine stains, spider veins and couperose.


For superficial vessels and haemangiomas, the results of vascular treatment are usually visible after the first session.
On the other hand, the removal of spider veins on the legs may require two to four treatments, depending on the severity.
The chances of success depend, among other things, on the condition of the skin, the location of the vessel and the individual skin type.
Couperose treatment generally achieves good to very good results, depending on the severity of the condition.


Excellent cosmetic results
Gentle and effective
Immediately visible effect
Low-risk and very well tolerated
No downtime
Lasting results


Neben der Behandlung von Couperose oder Rosacea eignet sich die IPL-Anwendung zur Entfernung störender Körperhaare, zur Aknebehandlung und zur Hautverjüngung.

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