Laser fiber for the treatment of hemorrhoids

The intros Hemorrhoid Fiber is a gentle way to shrink second to fourth degree hemorrhoidal tissue.

intros Hemorrhoid Fiber

The intros Hemorrhoid Fiber for gentle coagulation and shrinkage of the hemorrhoidal tissue is used for second to fourth degree hemorrhoids in need of treatment. To reduce the risk of side effects, the conical probe is inserted into the hemorrhoid without an incision and leaves no open wounds. The intros Hemorrhoid Fiber is compatible with the dios:1470 intros diode laser and ensures perfect handling in combination with the intros surgical handpiece.

Technical Highlights

Variable spot diameter from 0.6 to 4 mm
Length: 13 cm
Compatible with the dios:blue and lina:60i intros diode lasers
Can be coupled to cryo skin cooling system


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