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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Dermlite

The dermlite® makes your iPhone or Android Smartphone to a handy screening system. With the appropriate app, you can store the images in your phone's database and synchronise them with your office's system.

Recordings with the dermlite®

intros Medical Laser Zubehör Dermlite Altersfleck  intros Medical Laser Zubehlr Dermlite Teleangiektasien


Product highlights

Handheld dermatoscope, connection kits for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S / iPad 3 & 4, Air, mini / Galaxy S3, S4, 10mm glass lens with integrated LED lighting, rechargeable lithium ion battery – any USB socket can be used for charging



intros Medical Laser Zubehör EyeMag

A poor view of the target structure caused by less-than-ideal visibility conditions or the small size of the target structure is often a major problem. Visual magnification using the ZEISS EyeMag:Smart magnifying goggles enables a better subjective assessment of the area to be treated, thereby also enabling the laser parameters to be optimised. The EyeMag:Smart offers high-quality laser protection and a brilliant image, making laser treatments with maximum safety and precision possible.

Product highlights

Optimum protection from diode and Nd:YAG lasers, bright filter for excellent colour perception and brilliant images, 2.5x magnification, easy-to-adjust eye distance


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