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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Mikromanipulator

Our micromanipulators enable you to perform extremely precise surgical procedures and adapt ordinary operation microscopes or colposcopes. For procedures in a very small treatment or difficult-to-access area, we offer the "Universal" and "Easy Spot" micromanipulators as an accessory for your CO2 lasers.


Infiltration pump

intros Medical Laser Zubehör Infiltrationspumpe

Our all-purpose infiltration pumps are indispensable for the safe and professional injection of tumescent fluid in lipolysis and endovenous laser therapy.

Technical data

Voltage: 100/115/230 Volt at 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption: 40 VA
Pump volume: 1 – 17 l/h
Maximum pressure: 1,5 bar
Dimensions (B x T x D): 260/250/110 mm
Weight, control device: 2.5 kg


Product highlights

Best value for money, all-purpose and flexible, easy to use with little effort required for maintenance, effective due to continuous administration of infiltration solution, smooth adjustment of section pressure.


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