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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Laserschutz Schutzbrille

Our protective goggles from renowned manufacturers guarantee appropriate protection for your eyes from laser radiation. Your patients are safely protected with our patient goggles.

We offer eye protection for the following laser types:

  • CO2 Lasers 10600 nm
  • Ddiode lasers 810 – 1064nm
  • Ddiode lasers 1470 nm
  • KTP lasers 532 nm
  • Nd-YAG 1064 nm/532 nm


New: ZEISS magnifying goggles with laser protection

EyeMag Smart



intros Medical Laser ZubehÖr Laserschutz Aufkleber

With our safety lights and door labels, we assist you in setting up and maintaining laser protection in the room in accordance with the accident prevention regulation BGV B2.

Laser safety light

  • With DIN-compliant adhesive label
  • Flexible in usage
  • Battery-operated
  • Always on/flashing operating light
  • H x W 25 x 9 cm
  • 3 mm aluminium



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