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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Hautkühlung

More safety, fewer side effects. Our skin coolers make laser therapy even more convenient and comfortable. Due to the high density of the energy in use, skin cooling is particularly necessary in vascular therapy and epilation.

Product highlights: Includes handpiece adapter, cooling to -10°C, no consumables, low operating costs, high German engineering quality

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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Rauchabsaugung

Our extractors are a useful addition to the laser, designed for flexible use in medical, cosmetic and aesthetic laser treatments such as hair removal, skin resurfacing or epidermal skin changes.

Product highlights: Includes introductory filter, filter monitor, large operating radius, continuously operating motor, high German engineering quality

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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Gerätewagen

Whether it's for your diode laser or your CO2 tabletop device, we have the right trolley for you. These trolleys provide not only optimum mobility and functionality but also ergonomic handling, maximum safety and top quality.

Product highlights: Drawer/shelf for laser accessories, feet switch locks, wind-up aid, compact dimensions, high German engineering quality

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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Fasern und Handstücke

With experience from over 15 years in laser medicine and thanks to state-of-the-art fibre technology, our laser fibres and handpieces allow you to perform precise surgical procedures as well as effective and safe treatments.

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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Laserschutz

We support you in setting up and maintaining room-based laser guards and personal protective laser equipment. We offer you not only professional advice and training but also suitable protective goggles, safety lights and labels.

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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Nützliche Helfer

Poor visibility often results in the target structure being incorrectly judged, thus caused less-than-ideal treatment results. Our accessories guarantee better visual observation and safer treatments with few side effects.

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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Spezielles Zubehör

Our accessories for special applications enable precise, safe and comfortable procedures with few side effects.

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intros Medical Laser Zubehör Transportkoffer

Unsere Transportkoffer sind perfekt auf Ihren Diodenlaser zugeschnitten und präsentieren sich mit einer Vielzahl an praktischen Features. Diese garantieren Ihnen, neben einem Optimum an Mobilität und Funktionalität, ein ergonomisches Handling, größtmögliche Sicherheit und höchste Qualität.

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