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lina:30i980 für minimalinvasive Lasertherapie Proktologie




Minimally-invasive laser therapy for haemorrhoids and anal fi stulae is a modern and non-damaging alternative to surgical interventions.

Compared to traditional procedures, it offers signifi cant advantages, namely minimal invasiveness, shorter recovery times, reduced post-operative pain, minimised local side effects on the sphincter and anal mucosa as well as optimised cosmetic results.

Laser therapy is distinguished by its high level of safety and fast healing process. The operation can be performed under short-term or local anaesthetic, while individual segments can even be performed with a local numbing agent.

This therapy, introduced back in 2006, has demonstrably seen very high acceptance and satisfaction among patients.

intros medical laser – Proktologie

Application: laser haemorrhoidoplasty

Application: laser haemorrhoidoplasty

Laser haemorrhoidoplasty is a safe, low-pain, minimally-invasive treatment method.

A haemorrhoid laser probe with radial emission specially developed for this indication enables minimally-invasive shrinkage of grade 2 to 4 haemorrhoids requiring treatment.
Absolute dot precision in coagulation enables surrounding tissue to be preserved as well as possible and side effects for the sphincter and anal mucosa to be minimised.

No large-scale wounds

Excellent haemostasis

No damage to surrounding tissue

Low post-operative pain

Very high patient satisfaction

Application: laser fistula occlusion

Application: laser fistula occlusion

Laser fistula occlusion involves the selective destruction of fistula tissue, making it possible to avoid scraping out the fi stula from healthy tissue. A flexible fi stula laser probe with radial emission is is introduced into the fisula tract.

The inflamed tissue is destroyed in a controlled fashion during treatment, the fi stula is sealed and the original anal glands are disabled.

Another advantage of minimally-invasive laser therapy lies in its ability to protect the sphincter and prevent faecal incontinence.

Treatment lasting just a few minutes

Low wound size and excellent haemostasis

Maximum protection of the surrounding tissue

Low post-operative pain

Very high patient satisfaction

Accessories: Proctology

Our accessories specifi cally tailored to proctological laser therapy allow for safe and effective treatments with optimum treatment results.

intros haemorrhoid probe

intros medical laser haemorrhoid probe

The pointed probe can be introduced into the haemorrhoid pocket to avoid leaving any open wounds.
A special cannula and a handheld surgical handpiece are recommended for superior handling.

  • Stable fibre core diameter 600 μm
  • Pointed, heat-sealed fibre end
  • Fan-shaped emission
  • 5-year sterility
  • Double-packed for sterility

intros fistula probe

intros medical laser fistula probe

The fistula probe provides easy access even in tight, curvy fistulae for permanent occlusion of anal fistulae.

  • Stable fibre core diameter 600 μm
  • Rounded, heat-sealed fibre end
  • Radial emission 60° to fibre axis
  • 5-year sterility
  • Double-packed for sterility

Open retractor

intros medical laser – Open retractor

Luer Lock handpiece & Introducer Needle

Luer Lock handpiece & Introducer Needle

Advantages: for you and your patients

  • Minimally-invasive treatment with minimal damage
  • Excellent and fast haemostasis
  • Effective and safe treatments
  • Minimises local side effects
  • Minimal pain experienced and little post-operative pain
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Preserves the natural anatomy
  • Can be combined with other methods


For the first time an almost painless and elegant alternative to the usual surgical procedures!

Our dios:1470 & lina:30i980 diode lasers are the perfect tools for the minimally-invasive treatment of haemorrhoids, anal fistulae and other proctological surgery procedures.

Power: lina:30i980: 1 – 30 Watt
dios:1470: 1 – 12 Watt
Wavelength: 980 nm or 1470 nm
Operating mode: Continuous, pulsed
Pulse duration: 1 – 10.000 ms
Beam control: Optical fiber
Aiming beam: Red 635 nm, max. 3 mW
Operating voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 Hz
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: 14 x 30 x 38 cm (H x W x D)
Certification: CE 0494




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