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Medizinlaser Diodenlaser lina:60i810



The diode laser lina:60i with 810 nm is the ideal tool for the treatment of vascular skin changes. In addition to the effective treatment of vascular skin changes on the face and body, the lina:60i810 also enables the treatment of spider veins. The 810 nm wavelength is characterized by good absorption in hemoglobin and lower melanin and water absorption. Due to the high penetration depth, in comparison to other lasers in the visible range (e.g. KTP, yellow or blue lasers), deep-lying vessels can be treated reliably in addition to superficial vessels.

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Penetration depth

Working speed



  810 nm-Diode KTP/Yellow

High depth of penetration – treatment of deep-lying vessels



Effective treatment of reddish vessels



Effective treatment of bluish vessels



Treatment of vessels with diameters greater than 1 mm up to 2 mm




The absorption of visible laser radiation in melanin and hemoglobin is much higher than that of the 810 nm diode laser. At first, this seems to be an advantage. However, this results in a significantly higher penetration depth into the skin for the diode laser. In addition to superficial vessels, deep-lying vessels and spider veins can also be treated. With the 810 nm diode laser, vessels with diameters greater than 1 mm can also be securely closed. Due to the high hemoglobin absorption of the visible lasers, the complete laser energy is absorbed on the surface of the vessel. Vessels with larger diameters are only heated on the surface and are therefore difficult to treat. Bluish vessels can also be successfully treated with the diode laser.

  • Treatment of vascular skin changes
  • spider veins
  • telangiectasia
  • hemangiomas
  • Spider naevi
  • rosacea
Besenreiser vorher


Besenreiser nachher


Case study telangiectasias

Teleangiektasien vorher


Teleangiektasien nachher

Immediately after treatment

Case study spider veins

Besenreiser vorher


Besenreiser nachher

Immediately after treatment

intros medical laser grafik funktion diodenlaser therapie enAfter preparation by cleaning and disinfection, the skin is exposed to a very short and high-energy laser pulse. The aim of laser radiation is the hemoglobin of the red blood cells in the disturbing blood vessel. The laser light penetrates the skin without injuring it. As the blood pigments heats up, the vessel wall is denatured and the vessels close. After the treatment, the skin is usually red. The risk of side effects is very low with this therapy. In most cases, anesthesia is not required. It is important to cool the area before and during treatment.

Optimal adaptation of the laser beam to the vessel diameter

Variables Gefäß-Handstück

Frei wählbare  Spotgröße  0,6 bis 4 mm Selectable spot size 0.6 to 4 mm.

Hautkühlung mit Kaltluft

A skin cooling system is the ideal addition to your vascular laser. Effective cooling before, during and after treatment ensures painless therapy, reduces the risk of side effects and has a calming effect on the skin. A special adapter for our vascular handpiece simplifies handling and the cold air goes directly to the treatment area.


  • Effective and safe treatments
  • Very good hemostasis
  • Low sensitivity to pain
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • No restrictions in vascular therapy
  • Fast payback
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Competent advice and fast service
  • Two year guarantee


Make the therapy with your laser more comfortable! Look for practical accessories that give your laser additional functionality. Our versatile accessories allow you safe and effective treatments for optimal treatment results.

> Vessel handpiece Variospot

> Cryo Mini skin cooler

> Vexiocart equipment trolley

> Transportkoffer

Power: 1 – 60 W
Wavelength: 810 nm
Operating mode: continuous, pulsed
Pulse duration: 1 – 2000 ms
Beam transmission: Fiber system with focusing optics
Pilot Laser: red 635 nm, max. 1 mW
Spot Size: 0,6 – 4 mm
Operating voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 Hz
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions: 14 x 30 x 38 cm (H x W x D)
Medical CE: CE 0494




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