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intros medical laser dios:1470 – Endovenöse Lasertherapie bei insuffi zienten Venen


Endovenous Laser Therapy for insufficient veins

Why Laser therapy?

The goals of endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) include: improving venous hemodynamics, avoiding ulcers and other trophic disorders, as well as the improvement or elimination of blood flow complaints. Endovenous laser therapy has been introduced as a modern alternative to classic venous stripping on the Vena saphena magna and the Vena saphena parva. It offers significant advantages to the surgical stripping. No general anesthesia or hospitalization is necessary, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. Postoperative pain and local side effects are significantly reduced and the risk of recurrence is lower. Due to the low invasiveness a much better cosmetic result can be achieved. The EVLT leads to a very high level of patient acceptance and patient satisfaction.

Download brochure endovenous Laser Therapy (PDF, 4,8 MB)


How does endovenous laser therapy work?

LINA ENDO für endovenöse Lasertherapie – Chirurgie


LINA ENDO für endovenöse Lasertherapie – Chirurgie


Under ultrasound guidance, a special radial emitting fiber is inserted into the punctured vein.
Is the laser fiber at the endpoint of the vein, a tumescent fluid is injected. After local anesthesia, the laser energy is submitted by a continuous withdrawal of the fiber. In this operation, the vessel wall becomes desolate due to the homogeneous irradiation and remains permanently sealed. By using the tumescent solution, the patient feels no pain during the endovenous laser therapy. Overheating and local side effects are avoided. Upon completion of the treatment, a venous compression is applied, allowing the patient to resume normal day-to-day activities immediately after the procedure.


Endovenöse Lasertherapie – vorher | nachherbefore | after

no large wounds and cuts

excellent cosmetic result

no damage to the surrounding tissue

low postoperative pain

very high patient comfort

can be performed without general anesthesia

no residues of foreign materials in the vessel, e. g. due to the sclerotherapy



Our accessories specifically adapted for endovenous laser therapy provide safe and effective treatments with optimal treatment results.

intros RadialTip™ Surgical Laser Fiber

The intros RadialTip™ Surgical Laser Fiber is characterized by its special flexibility and atraumatic tip and allows easy access even into narrow and curvy veins. Another special feature is the possibility of using a 5 F sheath or 14 G cannula for an easy vein access.

The intros RadialTip™ Surgical Laser Fiber is available in 2 sizes.

  • Fiber diameter 400 μm or 600 μm with 1.25 mm or 1.6 mm fiber tip
  • Complete 360° emission
  • No forward radiation
  • 5 years sterility
  • Double sterile packed

intros RadialTip™ Surgical Laser Fiber

Introducer Set

Introducer Set

Our 5F introducer allows easy access to the insufficient vein.
Through the puncture of the vessel no cuts are needed.

  • Stable sheath and dilator
  • 0.018“ guidewire
  • 21 G cannula
  • 10 ml syringe
  • Double sterile packed

Further sterile accessories

  • Ultrasonic coating with gel
  • Puncture cannulas 14 G for 600 μm and 16 G for 400 μm
  • Infiltration tubing for infiltration pump DP30
  • Heidelberg extension


Ready to go with our starter set ENDO

For the professional start of endovenous laser treatments, we offer you a practical starter set, consisting of:

  • Diode laser 1470 nm incl. safety goggles
  • intros RadialTip™ Surgical Laser Fiber
  • Introducer Set and puncture cannula
  • Ultrasonic coating with gel
  • Equipment trolley ENDO incl. infusion stand
  • Tumescent infiltration pump Nouvag Dispenser DP30
  • Infiltration tubing

Starter Set dios:1470 ENDO für den professionellen Einstieg in die endovenöse Lasertherapie

> Laser safety glasses

> Equipment trolley ENDO

> Carry case

> Tumescence infiltration pump

Power: 1 – 12 Watt
Wavelength: 1470 nm
Operating mode: continuous, pulsed
Pulse duration: 1 – 20 s
Aiming beam: red 650 nm, < 2 mW
Operating voltage: Battery/18 VDC, 5 A
Weight: 2,1 kg
Dimensions: 15 x 22.5 x 15 cm (H x W x D)
CE-marking: CE 0123




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