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intros medical laser – dios:blue Diodenlaser

The new compact diode laser dios:blue stands for maximum mobility and ease of use in an attractive design. Powerful 10 watt blue laser light offer you completely new possibilities in laser surgery and ablation procedures.

Power: 1 – 10  Watt

Wavelength:: 470 nm

Applications: ENT surgery procedures, e.g. tonsillectomy, conchotomy and superficial vascular and pigmented skin changes

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Medizinlaser Diodenlaser lina:prokto

The lina:30i980 diode laser is the ideal tool for minimally invasive treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fistulas and other proctological and surgical interventions.

Power: 15 – 30  Watt

Wavelength:: 980 nm

Applications: proctological surgery procedures, e.g. haemorrhoidoplasty & fistula occlusion

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Medizinlaser Diodenlaser dios:1470

The dios:1470 is the perfect tool for treating venous insufficiency (EVLT) and proctologic surgery. Combined with the latest fiber technology, the laser treatment is an innovative, painless and elegant alternative to the usual surgical procedures.

Power: 1 – 12 W

Wavelength: 1470 nm

Applications: endovenous laser treatments (EVLT) of Vena saphena magna & vena saphena parva, proctological surgery procedures, e. g. haemorrhoidoplasty & fistula occlusion

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intros Medical Laser lina:1470

Combined with state-of-the-art fibre technology, the lina:1470 is the perfect tool for treating venous insufficiency (varicosis) and is an innovative alternative to traditional vein stripping.

Power: 15 W

Wavelength: 1470 nm

Applications: Vena saphena magna, vena saphena parva, reticular veins, perforans varicosis.

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intros Medical Laser lina:60i810

The lina:60i810 enables not only the treatment of facial vascular skin changes but also of spider veins, and also allows for effective surgical and ablation procedures.

Power: 60 W

Wavelength: 810 nm

Applications: Telangiectasias (including spider veins), haemangiomata, spider angiomata, port-wine stains, warts, aPDT, cutting and coagulation of tissue ...

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